Plumbing Tauranga

Toilets and taps

Dripping taps and toilets are always annoying but also if they are ongoing, will cause high water bills and potential water leak damage to your bathroom or kitchen. At MD Plumbing we can do a service or full replacement of taps and toilets.

All Household maintenance and repairs

MD Plumbing tackles all plumbing household maintenance and repairs, from servicing your taps to full upgrades

Bathroom and kitchen renovations

We can provide full service project management your bathroom or kitchen renovation or work in with you and your builder providing outstanding servicing and advise to help you make the most of your renovations ideas.

Burst pipes

Burst pipes in your walls or underground can be a major issue and create significant damage to your home, garden and infrastructure. If you notice damp patches in your home or garden, don’t delay in calling the professionals

Leak detection

Trying to find the source of a leak is often difficult without the right equipment and experience. At MD Plumbing we have specialized audio leak detection equipment to locate your leak reducing costly and damaging excavation work

Waste master replacement

Wastemasters that have stopped working can often be cleared and we can get your drains flowing again; but when they are beyond repair with issues such as damaged switches, rust and broken blades we can replace your wastemaster with a trusted brand

and so much more!

Plumbing is so much more than toilets and taps, if you want to know if we can help, “If water runs through it, we do it!”

Are you needing a plumber? We service Tauranga and the Western Bay!